Selling at Auction

Why sell with Cellar Link Auctions

At Cellar Link Auctions, we provide a unique opportunity for collectors, estate sales, professionalliquidators, and receivers in Australia to unlock the value of wine and whisky collections. Our platform is designed to facilitate the buying and selling of investment-grade and collectable spiritsand liqueurs, ensuring a seamless and legal transaction process.

Selling Your Collection Made Easy

Creating a seller account with us is quick and straightforward, requiring just one minute of your time. However, it's important to note that private alcohol sales in Australia are regulated, requiring a liquor license for such transactions. Fortunately, Cellar Link Auctions navigates these legalities on your behalf, offering a legitimate avenue to sell your prized collections.

Selling Options at Cellar Link Auctions

Auction Sales

List your bottles in our online auction with no listing fees and a 15% seller's commission on the winning bid. Set a reserve price at no extra cost, with specific restrictions applying to ensure fair play.

eBay and Other Channels

Opt for sales through eBay or similar platforms, with Cellar Link Auctions handling listing and sales for a 25% commission, inclusive of all fees.

Direct Purchase

For immediate sales, we offer to buy your bottles directly at a price approximately 45% below our estimated fair value, providing a swift payment process after condition verification.

Our Buying Process

If we are interested in purchasing your bottles directly, offering a fair agreed price for outright purchases. Upon delivery of your bottles to our Sydney location, we promptly complete the payment process, adhering to a few essential conditions:

Product Range

While whisky is our primary focus, we are open to any spirit or liqueur with potential value.

Response Time

Expect a response within a week, and check your spam filter if you haven't heard from us.


High-value items may qualify for consignment terms.

Item Condition

Please provide clear photos showing the condition of your items. We reserve the right to adjust offers based on the final condition assessment.


Sellers are responsible for shipping costs and risks.


We conduct payments through Bank Transfer, requiring photo identification from sellers.

Before You Sell


Ensure bottles are securely packed in strong cardboard boxes, using ample bubblewrap or packing materials for protection.

Acceptable Bottles

We specialise in wine and whiskies but consider other alcohol. Authenticity concerns may lead to refusal or return of items.

Payment for Sellers

Payments are processed after buyer's payment, with options to use your balance for other purchases or arrange for returns if reserve prices are not met.

Insurance and Risk Management

Please note, bottles shipped to us are at your risk, and we recommend insuring your items through your courier. While in our possession, bottles are not insured, and sellers should arrange their own coverage.

Get Started with Cellar Link Auctions

Whether you're ready to sell or have further questions, we're here to assist. Our platform offers a
professional and streamlined avenue for you to capitalize on your wine and whisky collections, with
a dedicated team ready to support your needs.

Contact us today to begin your selling journey with Cellar Link Auctions.

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