Seller Terms and Conditions


In order to sell wine via CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS, all Sellers must first register on the CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS website by opening a customer account. In doing so the Seller warrants to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS that:

  • He/she is 18 years old or above and has the legal capacity and ability to purchase and/or sell alcoholic beverages.
  • He/she agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein
  • He/she agrees to the terms of the CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS Privacy Policy

Submission of Goods

Sellers must submit a list of goods to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS by email in order to receive a preliminary estimate. This list should include –

  • Vintage
  • Number of bottles
  • Type of closure
  • Details of storage conditions and where the goods are located
  • Provenance/purchase history, if known

In submitting a list, Sellers acknowledge that not all goods are suitable for sale by auction. CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS reserves the right to refuse to list any goods it deems inappropriate for auction.

In submitting a list of goods to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS the Seller warrants to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS and all Buyers that it is the owner of those goods, and that they may be sold free of lien, mortgage security or encumbrance.


CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS will provide the Seller with a low and high estimate based on previous sales history where available and, where unavailable, the professional experience of its expert auctioneer.

The low estimate price will be the opening price of the Lot, and as such a Lot may sell at this price if no further bids are placed after an opening bid.

All estimates provided by CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS are final (pending inspection of goods) and must be accepted by the Seller prior to shipping goods to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS. CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS will advise the Seller of any goods unsuitable for sale by auction.


A Reserve price may be agreed between the Seller and CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS prior to goods being shipped to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS. CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS will not accept Reserve prices that are not in line with its estimates and reserves the right to refuse any Reserve price.


The Seller is responsible for the delivery of goods to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS. CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS will work with the Seller to arrange the most suitable method of delivery, or for larger collections based in our various drop off locations,  may arrange to inspect and collect the goods directly.

All risk in the transportation of goods from the Seller to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS is held by the Seller. Sellers will be emailed by CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS to advise of receipt of goods, detailing items received and confirming their condition.

CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS will hold all goods at its own cost at its security-controlled facility in various locations until sold. All goods are to be insured by the Seller against loss or breakage whilst held by CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS.

Inspection of Goods

CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS will inspect, catalogue and photograph all items prior to offering them for sale. CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS will make note of the condition of each bottle, specifically:

  • Type and condition of closure
  • Ullage level
  • Label condition

CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS reserves the right to adjust the estimates provided to the Seller based on the physical condition of goods once inspected. Sellers will be advised of any adjustments to estimates in writing, detailing any faults detected by CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS and not previously disclosed, a minimum of 7 days prior to the commencement of the sale.  Sellers may opt to withdraw goods from sale on this basis and will be responsible for all costs associated with the return of such goods.

Sellers may not withdraw Lots once the auction has commenced.


By authorising Lots to be sold through CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS the Seller agrees to accept the final hammer price as final (unless the final price does not meet any reserve price set). Sellers are not prohibited from bidding on their own Lots, with any such bids governed by the terms and conditions for Buyers contained herein.

Upon completion of the auction, the Seller agrees to pay a Sellers Commission of 15% (excluding GST) to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS. This commission will be deducted from the proceeds of the Lot, which will be paid to the Seller within 30 days of the end of the auction (subject to funds for the Lot having been paid by the Buyer and cleared into CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS’s account).

Seller Default

In the instance that the Seller provides misleading information about their goods (including incorrect statements relating to the title of goods) to CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS, CELLAR LINK AUCTIONS reserves the right to charge the Seller for all reasonable costs associated with the services provided, and for the return of goods to the Seller. Goods will be returned only when payment in respect of the above has been made in full.

Updated 1-7-2023