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Wild Duck Creek Original Vineyard Shiraz 2001 1500mL

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Vintages Made : 2001, 2014, 2016, 2017

The purest and most complex Shiraz from an extraordinary vineyard.

The Original Vineyard Shiraz is the pinnacle of Shiraz we produce. We are incredibly lucky to have a vineyard that can produce a profile of Shiraz such as this. Facing east and growing in a valley alongside the Wild Duck Creek adjacent to the winery, the Original Vineyard has proved over three decades to be a truly remarkable place. It is protected from harsh winds during the growing season by its surrounding geography. The soils naturally hold what little moisture falls upon them so the vines are able to bask underneath clear Heathcote sunshine in blissful happiness.

The grapes are then picked at full and balanced ripeness, with up to 50% of whole bunches retained in each small ferment. Once dry, the wine is then gently pressed into 100% new Dominique Laurent barrels, with each small parcel from the vineyard kept separate. The parcels are determined usually by the variation in soil throughout the vineyard, with certain areas being picked before others depending on ripeness. The very best barrel is then selected and bottled on its own. Only 300 bottles are filled in exceptional vintages.

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